African Grey Training

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AFRICAN GREY PARROTS Training and Behavior



An African Grey parrot can be a very demanding pet simply because of its high level of intelligence.  They require a great deal of time and attention from their human companions and need plenty of mental stimulation at all times.


African Greys are very cautious birds and will require gradual introductions to new environments and new people.  They have the capacity to develop a relationship with several people and will do so if the people involved will spend the time needed to develop a bond with the parrot.


When adjusting an African Grey to a new environment, walk around the room with him, letting him sit on each piece of furniture, talking to him and reassuring him at every step.  Do this with each room in the house and let the bird visit each room frequently until he is comfortable with his new surroundings.


African Greys will bite and have quite a reputation for doing so.  However, a well socialized bird will rarely bite, especially a person with whom he is familiar. By taking the time to socialize your bird with several people the chances that he will bite are greatly reduced.  Unfamiliar people must always be cautious around an African Grey until they have earned his trust.


African Greys are especially susceptible to the moods of their human companions.  It is important to maintain a calm, relaxed demeanor around them, otherwise they can become excited or upset.


African Greys are also easily bored.  Similar to the goffin cockatoo, the umbrella cockatoo and moluccan cockatoo and the rose breasted cockatoo, they need to be provided plenty of bird toys and activities to keep them occupied and happy when not interacting with their human companions.


Cockatoo cages or other small bird cages, of course, are not appropriate for an African Grey Parrot.  A large bird cage, preferably a large stainless steel bird cage with room for a couple of perches and rope swings, as well as a toy box filled with a variety of interesting toys is necessary to keep your African Grey stimulated and happy.

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