How long African Grey Parrots lives is a very important question. A lot of people like to know the answers to such questions. For most of us it’s all about getting the best pet for our money and for our children. We do our research, get the most expensive pet, get the most intelligent one and then we wonder what happened to that beloved bird of ours.

Not too long ago, I had asked my local vet how long the African Grey Parrots lives and was told that they can live up to nine years in captivity. It was kind of disappointing that he didn’t share any details about these birds that made him cost so much. We loved these lovely birds and wanted to take care of them as much as possible but the money was too high.

The question of how long does the African Grey Parrots live still crops up from time to time. If you visit any of the many websites that are devoted to pet birds, you will find very interesting data about how long a bird lives and how it compares to other birds. The average life span of these birds is six years.

You will also find information about the most common causes of death in African Grey Parrots. It’s quite interesting to see some of the statistics. We are very lucky that we have never had any serious health problems in our bird, including the dreaded Avian Influenza. Birds do not get cancer, don’t get diabetes or any of the other things that we worry about.

If you were to ask the vets how long does the African Grey Parrots live, they would probably tell you that it’s a good question. We don’t know. In fact, our own vet thinks that more research needs to be done on this topic. Let’s face it, the average life span of a parrot is only six years.

The average life span of a parrot is actually six years, but there are exceptions. A parrot that has been mistreated can live much longer than one that has been properly cared for. The thing that makes the pet bird’s life easier is when they are being fed the right diet.

When feeding your parrot correctly, it will live much longer. What do parrots eat? They eat their food slowly and eat only the leftovers that have been broken down into smaller pieces. The way a parrot eats is the same way humans eat, it’s digestion is slow and they do a lot of chewing.

Parrots make better pets if they are well socialized and well fed. They are perfect for the home because they are nocturnal and not affected by sunlight.

People who love parrots find that they are very trainable and will even follow commands just like any dog. Even though parrots are mostly quiet and docile, they will bark at anything that moves, they can be frightened easily and their beaks are large and sharp.

Parrots can also be trained to talk. They can tell when they have taken a spill or scratched something with their claws. Training a parrot is very easy, but you need to be patient and persistent.

If you want a parrot that is going to be a lifelong companion to you, you need to learn how to care for your parrot properly. To do this, you need to go to the store that sells parrots and get advice from someone knowledgeable about African Grey Parrots. Ask questions about where to buy a parrot and what to look for.

Parrots have to be handled with care and everything else needs to be in order to keep them healthy. You need to have a place for them to sleep and some places where they can be left out. These are just a few of the many different kinds of parrot owners that you will find on the internet.

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