Once you’ve got a parrot, it’s important to find out what can African Grey Parrots not eat. The list below is just a starting point and you’ll want to look at the specific foods your parrot will require.

*Provided they are kept indoors and kept under control. You should ensure that all African Grey Parrots in your home has access to fresh, clean water. Also, provide them with daily exercise such as running on a daily basis.

*A good diet is very important and if you choose to feed them commercially prepared food which has been approved by an official institution such as CRIUL (the British Parrot Society) this can make a huge difference to their health. It is essential to start their lives off well.

*Vegetables and fruits are essential to a healthy parrot. Eating a well balanced diet and providing them with fresh, cooked vegetables, fruit and other items, such as grains, cereals and legumes is the most effective way to ensure their longevity. There are plenty of vegetarian parrot foods available for purchase and they are even marketed in pet shops and stores around the UK.

*A good diet can be expensive but with proper research, you can find exactly what your parrot requires at a price that won’t put a hole in your pocket. You may also want to invest in some supplemental food to allow your parrot to remain healthy. The best way to get the nutrients they need is to buy a high quality supplement for them.

*Cereals or bread products, including toast, toast cubes, crackers, cookies and rolls, small amounts of berries and vegetables. Keep these products away from your bird as they could cause upset stomachs and upset feeding habits.

*Don’t assume that the perfect parrot food is all that you’ll ever need to feed your bird. Feed your bird with treats and food that has a low fat content. Sugar free treats and nutritious foods are great for African Grey Parrots.

*Provide a bit of extra protein in their diet as they will require extra calories in their diet. They can get this easily by adding fresh chicken pieces or fish to their diet.

*Give your bird a wide variety of food so that it will learn to eat the appropriate amounts. This can be achieved by different types of parrot food such as organic or bred food, organic, bred or natural.

*Adding an additional food to your diet can mean that they have to use more energy than normal, which can result in obesity. A bird’s diet should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, even if you are feeding your bird a commercially prepared diet they still require fresh fruit and vegetables.

*Meal times, when you feed your bird, should vary every day and can also depend on the type of food you are feeding them. Make sure you give your bird a varied diet every day as they need a varied diet as it gives them the nutrients they need and reduces their chances of developing a digestive problem or even a health problem.

*Once you’ve figured out what can African Grey Parrots not eat, the task of finding the perfect parrot food is far easier. By providing them with the right kind of diet, along with regular walks and activities, you are ensuring that they are healthy.

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