If you are searching for the best information about African Grey parrots and their behavior, you will find that there is a lot of misinformation out there. Don’t fall into the trap of believing everything you read. For example, some people assume that this bird has an easy time learning to talk.

This is actually a very complex and very new concept for these birds. When do African Grey parrots start talking? The answer is not as easy as most people think.

First of all, this bird does not like all humans to be around them. They can become quite aggressive if they feel that one person is too close to them. You may have heard stories about this bird snapping at babies or toddlers because they were playing near them.

While this is true, they do not like all humans to be around them. So, it is highly unlikely that your baby or toddler will be snatching at a parrot, either. Of course, they might accidentally do it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your children.

Some people think that parrots can only talk. It is actually a myth. Parrots have been known to imitate sounds, but they cannot mimic voices. In fact, they cannot even make short sounds when you talk to them, so they cannot talk!

The animals in the animal kingdom such as chimpanzees and dolphins are much more advanced than parrots when it comes to speaking. But, when do African Grey parrots start talking?

Parrots are always open to learning, so it will take a while before they get comfortable talking. That is why you must give them attention and treats for a while, until they get used to interacting with humans. You will find that once they become more comfortable with you, they will begin to vocalize more.

You will see that parrots often start to vocalize to communicate with their owners. When do African Grey parrots start talking?

Parrots also respond to other parrot species, like Cockatoos and Macaws. When do African Grey parrots start talking? Again, this will depend on the parrot species.

You need to understand the social structure of the bird you own. Parrots like parrots, so you want to know who your parrot is part of and what kind of responsibilities they will take on. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your parrot will automatically become part of the family and teach all of the members how to talk the first day you get them.

Parrots like parrots, so the tendency will be for them to be independent and self-sufficient. Once they have grown accustomed to living in a group, they will pick up speech behaviors much more quickly. When do African Grey parrots start talking?

Parrots are creatures of habit. They learn through repetition and experience. So, if you really want to learn when doing African Grey parrots start talking, you need to work with your bird on a regular basis.

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