Why do African grey parrots pluck their feathers? Well, it is not exactly just to get rid of the feathers and to be just as happy. This is actually the grooming of the bird in order to keep it in a good condition.

Parrots can do this when they are still babies as part of their training. It helps them to learn that they need to groom themselves in order to stay healthy.

Keep in mind that parrots will use this technique whether they are grown or just when they are first going out in the house. By doing this they can keep the feathers from being damaged and can help to keep them healthy.

Parrots that are just young can’t use this technique when they are older. However, if they are training their younger siblings they can use this technique when they are already adults.

It will help to start teaching African grey parrots at very young ages. You can do this by using food treats to get them to start grooming.

Eventually you can give them some toys and that is all they need to start using this as soon as possible. However, there is no need to force it on your bird if they are too young because it is only going to make things worse.

Use this to motivate them to do the full feather care when they are old enough. This can be especially important because African grey parrots also have very thick beaks that make it difficult for them to use the other tools that they have so far used.

Parrots usually make their nest inside the house and as a result of the fact that the birds can’t use anything else to help with their feather care, you will want to keep this area clean. There should be no dirt or other debris around the parrot’s cage.

The best way to do this is to use a simple spray bottle with water. It has to be fresh water because parrots don’t drink a lot so if you leave a bottle of water outside you will be getting more than your bird needs.

Have the spray bottle handy when you bring your bird into the room. If you don’t want the parrot to run off and get that water instead you can move the bottle down into the corner or even toward the door to give them a closer look at it.

Parrots will continue to groom themselves because they enjoy it and this can help them to feel safe and secure. This is also a bonding time between the parrot and you so you will want to watch them closely and not disturb them when they are grooming themselves.

Now you know why do African grey parrots pluck their feathers. This is an easy way to help them bond with you and to keep them in good condition.

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